Wednesday, March 4, 2015

                                                               OH MARCH!!!!!

 Hello March...the beginning of Spring, I am hoping to see a very beautiful and amazing times of my life. Feburary was a mixture of happiness and a disapointment. I have been through the stage where I lost hopes and felt everything was wrong and nothing seemed right. I was so frustrated, when ever i tried to do something good it just turned out to be a total dissapointment. I just felt it was too unfair for me to go through all those tentions and frustrations. I did not hurt any bodys intention (as far as I  know) nor I took things for granted. 
I just dont get it??? WHY ME???

So, Dear MARCH, Please be good to me. I am looking forward to an amazing journey! :)


I keep the memories in these Photograph!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

4th Of Feb 2015!

Honestly, me and my husband never expected that we would marry that soon. It was a little shock when our parents and my grandmom already decided the dates and all for our marriage. We couldn't say no to them and end up getting married ...hahha
Yes, 4th of Feb, I got married. 
I have been through lots of mixed feelings before getting married. I was little  worried and excited too. I was worried because I was afraid what would happen after our marriage, will it be same?  will the feelings be same? lots of questions lingered in my mind. But I was excited too because I was getting married with the person I always wanted to spent rest of my life. We spent a great deal of time figuring each other out, traveling, doing silly things together and making decisions about our future. So in a way we were little prepared for that and I didn't feel the uncertainty that some people feel about whether or not he was going to commit me. I find myself lucky to marry a guy who is very decent, understand, caring, loving and of all that, a person I always wished for :) <3

During our wedding, our family members had so many things to look after but still they would find time and pamper me to no end, they wouldnt let me do anything. Every body wanted to make it special for me in his or her own ways and I felt so touched :)
I would like to thank all my family, relatives and friends for attending our wedding and showering us with loads of good wishes.  Thank you all a lot.
I am happy! :)

With Love
Sonam :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Waking up early in the morning gave me an opprotunity to capture this beautiful Etho Metho at Yonphula and a plus point was having the song 'Yonphula lay etho metho" in my track list. Still listening to the song...yonphula lay etho meto ba de...drangme chhu na ko wa phang mey mo...lallaalalala 
What a beautiful day to start with :) 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015



This is the beginning of a new year and I have come to realize that I have met so many new people in my life.. so many of them who were nice, very nice and not so nice hahaha.....
Actually I really wanted to thank all of them for coming in my life, showing me the reasons to live, love, acknowledge and ignore. life wouldn't be easier if they didn't make me realize what kind of people I have in my life and how are they effecting and benefiting me. I have seen people with literally having a good heart. They are the ones who made me believe that every bad thing comes to an end and all the good things are going to be counted one day or other. They gave me the strength to fight with the negative attitude and made me realize that because of those negative thoughts I have in mind would break me down and there won't be any who would appreciate my presence. 

Who don't have a negative thought?? No one???
It is very important that you realize what you have done, whether it was good or bad? it gives you Peace, it gives you happiness when you look back and think what were the correct decisions you took and how you ignored the bad ones. I had friends who were really supportive caring and understanding. I thank them a lot, without them my life would be incomplete. Because of these beautiful people in my life I can raise my head high and walk.
At times I went through the circumstance where i had to give my full attention to my that friend who felt broken. I gave my best to support them, Making them realize that no matter how you feel rite now, it is soon going to end. Moving on with a positive attitude and not to look back on things which made you weak.  Though I am not a good adviser but i am a patient listener :) 

I have had some in my life who were selfish, pointless, jealous and disgusting as a person. I had gone through so many sorrows for having them in my life and I hated them so much at that point. They were too good to me that I couldn't digest when I saw their evil side. Then I realize that they were the fake ones, not real enough to show who they are. They have taken me to the point where I felt no one is real, everyone whom i knew seemed fake but than because of those few good people in my life and my now positive energy made differences and made me realize that no matter where you stand, you will always have a place to sit and analyze what happened, what might have happened and what next??
I accept all the good and bad ones happened in my life. I thank all those who came, stayed and left. It gave me the strength to move on and made me realize how beautiful life can be at times.
I accept all of you with all my heart for you guys gave me the reason to live, love and forgive.


Monday, January 19, 2015

No matter what, always remember that at the end of the day you are who you are, so no one can bring you down or someone else judging  you shouldnt be counted...think positive and let people be amazed for seeing an positive attitute in you despite their negative thoughts and their presense in your life. Just keep up the positive attitute and live your life to the fullest....Have a happy heart and Spread the LOve :) <3
Cheers :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Now when I look back into my past years I don’t know what I really wanted back then,  whether was I dreaming to be where I am or was I planning for a better future than the present that I m living in. Both ways I am happy being here in Royal Education Council as an Administrative Officer. I am happy to wake up every morning with a new challenge and I am happy for all the lessons that I learn at the end of each day. Sometimes I doubt my own capabilities, at times I even hate myself for knowing so less compare to my colleagues but again I remind myself that this is just the beginning and I move ahead hoping for a better tomorrow. I tell myself that I am getting an opportunity to learn from the mistakes I make and the corrections made by my colleagues. Every day I think about what can I do to improve myself and I am also not afraid of pursuing my own dreams. There are also days ending with utmost satisfaction, days that make me more confident and those are the days that never let me stop believing in myself. Coming from college where I always had my Lecturers, friends and family to help me rise from my every fall, it is a whole new scenario today. Today I help myself rise from the falls and in addition today I need to help myself prevent from having those falls.

Today, it is all about me, me and me. Growing up and being independent has taught me some of the greatest lessons of my life. Learning so much about life and me at this stage doesn’t imply that I didn’t learn anything when I was in school or college. My friends and family have taught me about love, care and respect and these very components are holding me strong today. I am living by the believe that I can do it and I am happy doing it, whatever it may be or no matter how hard it may be. 

I would like to convey that once we graduate we are immediately expected to understand where we go, what we do and how to get wherever we are going next. You all need to have that ability to get a better paying job, the flexibility for more job opportunities that you will be qualified for and a more stable life for you. And this can only happen if you Work Hard.   

With Love

Sonam Choden