Tuesday, January 20, 2015



This is the beginning of a new year and I have come to realize that I have met so many new people in my life.. so many of them who were nice, very nice and not so nice hahaha.....
Actually I really wanted to thank all of them for coming in my life, showing me the reasons to live, love, acknowledge and ignore. life wouldn't be easier if they didn't make me realize what kind of people I have in my life and how are they effecting and benefiting me. I have seen people with literally having a good heart. They are the ones who made me believe that every bad thing comes to an end and all the good things are going to be counted one day or other. They gave me the strength to fight with the negative attitude and made me realize that because of those negative thoughts I have in mind would break me down and there won't be any who would appreciate my presence. 

Who don't have a negative thought?? No one???
It is very important that you realize what you have done, whether it was good or bad? it gives you Peace, it gives you happiness when you look back and think what were the correct decisions you took and how you ignored the bad ones. I had friends who were really supportive caring and understanding. I thank them a lot, without them my life would be incomplete. Because of these beautiful people in my life I can raise my head high and walk.
At times I went through the circumstance where i had to give my full attention to my that friend who felt broken. I gave my best to support them, Making them realize that no matter how you feel rite now, it is soon going to end. Moving on with a positive attitude and not to look back on things which made you weak.  Though I am not a good adviser but i am a patient listener :) 

I have had some in my life who were selfish, pointless, jealous and disgusting as a person. I had gone through so many sorrows for having them in my life and I hated them so much at that point. They were too good to me that I couldn't digest when I saw their evil side. Then I realize that they were the fake ones, not real enough to show who they are. They have taken me to the point where I felt no one is real, everyone whom i knew seemed fake but than because of those few good people in my life and my now positive energy made differences and made me realize that no matter where you stand, you will always have a place to sit and analyze what happened, what might have happened and what next??
I accept all the good and bad ones happened in my life. I thank all those who came, stayed and left. It gave me the strength to move on and made me realize how beautiful life can be at times.
I accept all of you with all my heart for you guys gave me the reason to live, love and forgive.