Thursday, February 26, 2015

4th Of Feb 2015!

Honestly, me and my husband never expected that we would marry that soon. It was a little shock when our parents and my grandmom already decided the dates and all for our marriage. We couldn't say no to them and end up getting married ...hahha
Yes, 4th of Feb, I got married. 
I have been through lots of mixed feelings before getting married. I was little  worried and excited too. I was worried because I was afraid what would happen after our marriage, will it be same?  will the feelings be same? lots of questions lingered in my mind. But I was excited too because I was getting married with the person I always wanted to spent rest of my life. We spent a great deal of time figuring each other out, traveling, doing silly things together and making decisions about our future. So in a way we were little prepared for that and I didn't feel the uncertainty that some people feel about whether or not he was going to commit me. I find myself lucky to marry a guy who is very decent, understand, caring, loving and of all that, a person I always wished for :) <3

During our wedding, our family members had so many things to look after but still they would find time and pamper me to no end, they wouldnt let me do anything. Every body wanted to make it special for me in his or her own ways and I felt so touched :)
I would like to thank all my family, relatives and friends for attending our wedding and showering us with loads of good wishes.  Thank you all a lot.
I am happy! :)

With Love
Sonam :)

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